In April 2017, the Slovakian city of Bratislava imposed a ban on gambling. Just over a year later, the ban has been reversed and the people of Slovakia can enjoy gambling again. But is this decision worth it?

Before the ban came into place, Slovakia was enjoying a period of considerable success and brining in some decent revenue from gambling. They also have invested in three shiny new casinos since 2013 which have brought with them new jobs. With 300 gambling locations available across the country, the largest gambling city in Slovakia is its capital, Bratislava. The city is also home to Slovakia’s biggest casino, Casino Admiral Bratislava with 8 gambling facilities, 34 tables games, 417 gaming, slot, and video poker machines. The city is said to take an annual revenue of 3 million from gambling alone so it’s no surprise that the ban hit the gambling industry hard. Click here to learn more about casinos.

The ban came into being in April 2017 but the decision has since been overturned by the Bratislavan court on the grounds it was never legal. Although it may be good news for the casino operators, it seems that many, in fact the136,000 that signed a petition against gambling, are left a little bit sourer, with the city’s mayor unhappy with the verdict and looking to take this ruling to the Supreme Court. Initially, the decision to ban casinos passed through the courts in February 2017 but never came to fruition as it was rejected. Another vote was then launched because of a petition signed by 130,000 Bratislavan residents. The final decision was made and the ban imposed at the beginning of May 2017. Many casinos then saw a phased removal, closing when their licenses expired. For about 50 of them, the overruling came a little too late.


It seems that the issue was raised due to a distinct lack of rules and regulations, which the country has also pushed for. Although the Ministry of Finance regulate all gambling, and in 2016 a bid was made to block payments through websites, for some, the banning of gambling for nearly a year seems like a drastic measure. However, now there are more regulations and rules being placed across the country which has resulted in less casinos, a small result for those looking to limit the citizen’s access to gambling. If you’re interested in gambling online you can find top casino reviews here.

Now with the ban lifted, it’s good news for many of the country’s operators and for the first time, they are looking to expand their online services to internationally owned operators. They are also relatively new to online sports betting, which they began to play last year.

So it seems although gamblers have won their side of the deal, the battle is far from over. With many of the countries’ casinos shutting down since stricter laws have been imposed, and the mayor looking to take the issue to the Supreme Court, it’s safe to say that as much as gambling is loved, it isn’t the most popular in Slovakia. Learn more..