A good knife set accomplishes the perfect chef. You may be a skilled chef in your cooking but sourcing for a good knife set will require more skills. Most people prefer sourcing for single blades to fill their set. Not all kitchen knife sets offer the required quality service.

Some manufacturers sell you many blades that have the same use only differing in their physical appearance, a smart sales strategy, right? Some add novelty blades that you can hardly find their use in the kitchen. To help you not fall into this trap, we unravel what a good knife set should offer.

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So what should you look out for when selecting your best kitchen knife set?

1.ESSENTIAL– it should contain blades that favour your cooking practices and habits.

2.HANDLING– a good set should have blades that are easy to use. The handles should have a good grip to avert nasty accidents when cooking.

3. WEIGHT– choose your preference. The blades come as light or heavy. Both can be effective though.

4. MATERIAL– the blades should be easy to clean, sharpen and durable. Blades can be ceramic- very sharp but fragile, alloys of stainless steel- common with Japanese blades and offer better performance but are relatively expensive, steel-easy to clean and offer good resistance to stains and corrosion. They dull quickly and prove harder in sharpening.

5. STORAGE– a good knife set comes with a storage block. Storage blocks are made of wood, glass or stainless steel. These blocks help to maintain the edges of your blades. They can be used to add some flair to the kitchen decor. Why not choose one that matches your kitchen countertops.

6. PRICING– quality is priceless can be just a sales stint to have you think that quality blades are priced highly. When in the market, look for a package that meets most if not all value-based components while agreeing to your budget plans.Be smart and get value for your money.

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